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Hello Larry! MUCH THANKS for the beautiful gifts you gave us on our anniversary, the music you played at our table brought tears of joy! Ramon and myself along with friends will be joining you again in approx. two weeks. The cd steppin out was fantastic, its in my cd player now. Thanks again - Deborah and Ramo

"I'm glad I was able to contribute in some way to this wonderful mentorship program . . . of course the food was delicious and Crystal fell in love with the saxophone or the man playing it . . . she slept with his card tucked in her hands last night!! She keeps saying MUSIC . . . MUSIC!! and she loved the potatoe salad too." She is only 16 months old! Thanks again for your part played in making the event a hige success! Be Blessed - Still Expecting Miracles, - Deon Meredith

Larry: Thanks for the great music! Your "style" made our family celebration the best. - Kevin & Barbara Vibert

When Larry throws down, there is no letting up! - Kim

Your new CD "Stepping Out" is fabulous. Being a St. Louis native and having grown up with the blues and jazz, my favorite cut is # 7 "Honky Tonk". It reminded me of my dad playing it on his guitar at family functions, along with his friends. The first time I heard your version, I cried because it made me think of my Dad. Awesome job fellow St. Louis Sumnerite!!!!!!!! - Candy Jennings

Folks just call me Joe. I received the CD's and Steppin Out is fast becoming one of my favorites. The other two were intended for gifts and so were not opened. The recipient enjoys them immensely. I am looking forward to your release of Taste of Jazz. I most definitely will want to purchase a copy. Thanks for the great music. - Joe

From smooth to funk this CD has something to like. The horn ensemble and solo sax is ear candy that doesn't get too sweet. All the musicians contribute nicely to this outing to include some nice guitar work, beautiful vocals (thanks Patrica) and backbeat that keeps it all together. A pleasure to listen to again and again. - Joe Kearney

"My favorite is Ballad For D" - Tisha

"Larry, great cd. I put it on my ipod" - Tutti Heath (Heath Brothers)

"Wow, great!" - Michael Harris (EWF)

I just want to let you know that I am truly enjoying your new CD. All of it is just great! My favorites seem to be: JW, JB, Swing, Honky Tonk, Ballad for D, and Thank You. Congratulations on your latest great accomplishment, and God Bless you. - Cheryl Ashley

" . . . you're the real deal" - Quincy Jones

"If the saxophone had a last name it would be Williams ! Larry plays from his soul right into people's hearts. He is ONE IN A MILLION !" - Jessikah S. Kollatou - Singer/Songwriter

"Larry's sax is color to a rainbow" - Michael Morgan

"Larry Williams continues to impress me with his professionalism, musicianship and unstoppable work ethic. He is committed to continued growth in his playing, constantly striving to improve in all areas of musical performance." "In short, Larry Williams is a class act." - Steve Hoover (Steve Hoover Productions )

"As a band leader I can testify: Larry is the max on sax, the man with the plan, this we understand!" - Big Al

"I don't have to ask Larry 'do you get it?' . . . He IS IT !. Larry has graced us with a talent that is historical and yet still being written. Being part of Larry's creativity is to understand expression and art, technique and style, craft and talent all in one. It might only be explained as God given." - Gerhard "Juice" Joost. Pasadena, CA USA

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